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She Asked For It_(0)

The curve of her lips were spotted with water as she leaned her head back so she could rinse her hair, her hands roughly running through her drenched locks. As she rinsed her hair, Anna could hear her boyfriend messing around in the bedroom. Feeling relaxed by the water, she let her attention wander from Rhett: the sprinkling of water on the shower floor, the sound of the drain, the echo of her breath.

When the shower curtain was ripped open, Anna jumped with shock to see her boyfriend joining her. "Calm your ass down, babe. It's just me," he laughed, pulling the curtain closed once more. Her squint of mock anger turned into admiration as she saw his bicep tense on the pull, letting a small sigh escape from her pink lips. Rhett's shoulders shook with laughter at his much younger girlfriend who could only blush in embarrassment.

"Goober," he sighed through a lopsided smile before kissing her forehead. Tingles ran up her spine as she felt his hard pecs press against her and the brush of his flattened abs near her tender skin. He felt the lithe 26-year-old shiver as his hands rested on her hips and smirked. She had always known how to make his ego grow and could almost always put a smile on his face by just being herself.

"You just love doing that to me, don't you?!" she exclaimed once Rhett pulled his lips away from hers, her prickled skin rising against her lover's taut flesh. Her question hadn't left her mouth when his mouth found its way down her slick neck.

As Rhett let his tongue dance along her skin, he could feel Anna's small, strong hands running up his sides to the top of his shoulders with slow deliberation. The familiar tingle in the pit of his stomach stirred at her slippery touch and the intoxicating sound of her echoed moans. "Rhett," she whimpered as his nimble fingers tweaked her nipples, making them hard as pebbles, "let me finish this shower and I promise that you can fuck me and do whatever you want afterwards."

Rhett stood up and brushed his lips against her before agreeing to wait. He watched soapy water run down her slimming torso, noticing how her heaving chest flexed with each movement of her arms. Once Anna was rinsed of all suds, she left Rhett alone in the shower to make her way to their bed.

She laid on the black sheets with her damp, red hair splayed around her head, thoughts of Rhett's tongue dancing along her neck as his hands roamed her body. Her mind had been racing with thoughts of him slamming her against the shower wall and ramming his long, thick cock into her moistening pussy ever since she saw him step into the shower, and now, she could feel her mound slick with her juices.

With thoughts focused on her love, Anna absentmindedly let her finger tease the swell of her small breasts, brushing the very edge of her areola. Her tips stood up as her eyes slowly closed. Anna's other hand skimmed over her hip to cup her drooling slit, a small sigh floating from her lips as she felt the roughness of her finger on the slick flesh of her clit.

Her mind wandered back to the shower and imagined what would have happened if she hadn't stopped him from continuing; she could see his mouth going to her tits and sucking on her breasts until her nipples were hard, his fingers rubbing small circles onto her clit before sinking them into her dripping cunt, the roof of his mouth gently scraping against the sensitive skin of her nipples.

Anna's legs widened at the thought and felt her tunnel spasm with desire. She let her fingers dip lower to her hole, circling her entrance as her back arched. Her mind played out how hard Rhett's tool would be as she stroked him, how she would rub his pre-cum around the tip of his cock before leaning down to lick from the base to the tip of his shaft.

She pushed her fingers inside her hot vice as she imagined Rhett sliding all 8 of his inches into her waiting hole. Her walls could feel the ridges of his cock sliding past her entrance as she pulled on her nipples. A deep moan from the doorway made her eyes open in a flash.

Rhett stood there with his shoulder against the frame, a towel about his waist, and his muscles subconsciously flexed. Beneath the fabric of the towel, Anna could see the curve of his hardening cock as his eyes looked up and down her naked form.

"Got a little excited, eh?" he commented. His tongue flashed out and wetted his lips as his eyes roved over her heaving chest to her leaking mound and back to her hard nipples. Anna's pale body shivered with excitement as she saw his brown eyes drink her in, a small blush creeping upon her cheeks and neck.

"I might have," Anna whispered. She bit her bottom lip as she looked up at him walking towards her. "You just took too long and I was really looking forward to you continuing what started in the shower," she added as Rhett stopped in front of her and let his towel fall. She licked her lips as she sat up to look at his magnificent cock.

Her hand gripped his velvet-skinned rod and pumped his length while her other hand cupped and massaged his balls. Rhett gave a low moan in the back of his throat before letting his head fall back, a small bead of white forming at the slit of his tip. His hips bucked forward as he felt his throbbing limb cooled by his lover's tongue.

"That's it, baby. God, that feels so damn good," he croaked as his fingers were entwined in her flaming hair.

Anna swirled her tongue around his tip before running it down his length, her saliva coating his skin thinly. Her lips then wrapped around his pole and slid up and down his shaft, her mouth sucking hard at him. With every movement of her mouth, Anna could hear her boyfriend moan for her and her slit would ooze more of her juices. For a few minutes, the fire in her loins grew along with his hardening cock before she let him free from her mouth with an audible pop.

Cum was leaking from his tip as her blue eyes met his lust-glazed gaze. "Fuck me, Rhett. Give me every inch of your cock baby; I want it so bad," she pleaded as her hand stroked him. Hesitating only long enough to feel his fleshy pole throb once more, Rhett pulled Anna's ass off the bed and angled her hips up. He held onto the backs of her knees and rubbed his length against her glistening slit.

The couple moaned in unison as Anna felt him stroking against her feminine groove, her lips wrapping snugly around his flesh. With every minuscule thrust of his hips, he would rub her sensitive clit, teasing her mound before finally pushing his length inside of her depths.

In one stroke, Rhett nestled inside of Anna's folds before retreating. Just before he was completely out of her box, he thrust balls deep into her, kissing her cervix with the tip of his erection.

Her tight pussy spasmed as her eyes rolled back with ecstasy of feeling his pelvis thrust at lightning speed. "Yes! Yes! Oh, yes, Rhett-- Yes!" She cried with passion as he massaged her walls, her nails digging into the skin of his back and her legs wrapping around him in attempts to pull him deeper.

Rhett could only see the white of her eyes when he bent his head down and sucked hungrily at her nipples, his animalistic thrusts spurred on by her desperate whimpers. "Ohh, Rhett, fuck me hard baby! Mmm just like that--- Oooh right there, yes!"

Sweat began to spot Rhett's shoulders and between his temples as he felt the tension in his groin begin to work through his shaft. His pushes got more desperate for climax as she grinded her hips against him, her moans getting higher and higher. Her pleasure became so strong that she could no longer offer any more sound.

Rhett smiled through his panting and felt his cock twitch. "I'm coming Anna! Oh, baby, I'm gonna come in your pussy," he gasped as ropes of cum poured into her womb. As shot after shot of cum shot from his tip, Anna's cunt spasmed out of control and gripped every inch of him with her walls. She arched her back and screamed as her delicious juice coated over her boyfriend's cock, some of her cum splattering against his thighs.

"That's it Anna, let it all out baby," he cooed as her body spasmed beneath him. As her body settled down, Rhett bent over and gently kissed her sweat-spotted forehead before pulling out of her body.